Advance Scrambling and Rappel Course

With this course we want to offer you the possibility of learning the necessary techniques to tackle more technical ascents with scrambling sections in witch the use of a rope for exposed or difficult sections is required.

We will also learn how to rappel, set up, evaluate them and correct use.

Situations like how to belay a partner on a exposed edge in which they feel insecure or how to protect an easy climb that is ice covered it’s some of the contents of this course.

100% practical mountain content that we must master for certain activities in which just walking is not enough.

  • 1 persona: 300€
  • 2 personas: 150€
  • 3 a 6 personas: 110€
  • Guía de Media Montaña titulado.
  • Seguro RC y accidentes.
  • Material técnico común.
  • Asesoramiento previo a la actividad.
  • Transporte.
  • Comidas.
  • Alojamiento.
  • Material personal.
  • Cualquier otra cosa no especificada en el apartado de “Incluye”.
  • Máximo 6 personas por guía.


  • Introduction to technical mountain gear: Harnesses, helmets, ropes, belay devices etc.
  • Most used climbing knots.
  • Abseiling techniques depending of conditions and gear.
  • Belay a partner in difficult climbs and down climb sections.
  • How to protect an aerial section of ridge.
  • Scrambling techniques.
  • Building rope handrails.
  • Minimum gear techniques and problem solving.
  • 2 days. From 9 am to 4/5 pm approximately.
  • Guadarrama National Park area.
  • Mountain backpack of approximately 40L.
  • Mountain footwear with GoreTex or similar.
  • Mountain clothing appropriate to the time of the year.
  • Goretex-type waterproof jacket.
  • Recommended gear: Harness, helmet, carabiners, belay device, cords (We can provide you anything needed)
  • Snack type food and 1.5 L of water per participant.
  • Gloves, beanie and sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Cap or hat for the Sun.
  • Recommended photo camera.
  • Personal medication if needed.
  • Spare clothes to leave in the car.






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