Almanzor. Normal routes to the summit

Its full name, Plaza del Moro Almanzor, dates from the time of the Caliphates in which it’s supposed that it was first summited, on a horse! by the military and religious leader who gave him the name. The first proven ascension dates back to the summer of 1899 and was signed by Manuel González de Amezúa and José Ibrián Espada.

Pico Almanzor, with 2591 m, is the highest summit of the Central system mountain range. Its prominence, its marked cliffs and its beauty make it one of the most aesthetic and desired peaks on the peninsula, but unfortunately also, especially in winter, one of the most tragic. Even the normal routes require scrambling with some exposure, and if you do not have much experience, the use of the rope will be necessary. The usually long anticyclones during the winter will freeze the slopes until they become very exposed ramps that must be traveled carefully.

Do not hesitate, climbing it with a guide will be a unique and safe experience


  • Winter conditions (when crampons and ice ax are essential):
    • 1 person: 280 €
    • 2 people: 150 €
  • Summer conditions:
    • 1 person:  250 €
    • 2 people: 135 €
    • 3 to 4 people: 95
  • For 2 days ascents with a night in refuge, € 100 will be added to share among the group, in addition to the guide’s half board fees.
  • For 2 days ascents with bivouac, € 180 will be added to share among the group.
  • If you decide to do two ascents on consecutive days with us, we will give you a 10% discount on the final price.
  • Técnico en Alta Montaña AEGM.
  • Seguro RC y Accidentes.
  • Material técnico común.
  • Arnés, casco y material de escalada si no lo posees.
  • Asesoramiento previo a la actividad.
  • Transporte.
  • Comidas.
  • Alojamientos.
  • Material personal de montaña.
  • Crampones y piolet (disponibles en alquiler).
  • Varía en función de la época del año, siendo de máximo 6 personas por guía en verano y 3 en invierno, dependiendo de las condiciones.


  • Guide service will be carried out for 1 day. We can do it from the Gredos Parking place itself or from the Laguna Grande mountain hut.
  • Approach to the mountain hut is not included if it were made the previous afternoon.
  • From the mountain hut, the ascent can range from 5 to 8 hours of activity
  • Normal de la Portilla del Crampón.
  • Portilla Bermeja route
  • Portilla de los Cobardes route
  • Good physical condition.
  • Skills for easy scrambling.
  • Willing to have fun.


  • In summer conditions it’s an ascent that is done walking and involves some grade II scrambles in which the use of the rope may be necessary for some people.
    In winter conditions, walking on fairly steep and exposed snow ramps in witch the use of a rope it’s mandatory.






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