GREDOS: Cirque Full Traverse

Perhaps Circo de Gredos is the maximum exponent of the high mountains landscape of the entire Central System Massif. This is due to its altitude, with the Almanzor as its highest point (2592 masl), its size, and its morphology, clearly marked by pleistocene glacierism.

For all these reasons, Gredos complete traverse becomes an essential experience for any Gredos mountains lover.

In total, about 20 km long, of which half goes through high and sharp ridges and edges, with scrambles and down climbs that without being very difficult, will make us feel the essence of mountaineering.

The Gredos Complete Traverse is also the prelude to many other ridges beyond the borders of the Central System.

With trained groups it’s possible to do it on a long day, although if you are not as fit or prefer to enjoy the views or doing some extra needle, it can be done on two consecutive days with bivouac.

Summer prices:

  • 1 day course (just for very well fit people):
    • 1 person: 380 €
    • 2 people: 210 €
    • 3 people: 155 €
  • 2-day course. Includes overnight or bivouac (recommended):
    • 1 person: 520 €
    • 2 people: 285 €
    • 3 people: 210 €

Máximum ratio in winter will be 2 people per guide. Ask for prices.

  • Guiding Fees.
  • Liability and accidents insurance.
  • All gear needed for the climb.
  • Advice before the activity directly with the guide.
  • Transport. We can help you to arrange it. Ask us.
  • Meals and accommodation.
  • Guides accommodation and expenses.
  • Personal climbing gear (Ice axes and crampons available to rent)
  • Maximum 3 people per guide during summer season.
  • Maximum 2 people per guide if ice axe and crampons are needed.


  • Very long day for good physical condition participants (12-14 hours)
  • Two days for a more relaxing experience and enjoy a beautiful mountain bivouac.
  • Morezón
  • Casquerazo Superior
  • El Sagrao
  • Almanzor
  • Galana
  • Good physical condition. Been able to do up to 10 hours mountain activity.
  • Scrambling skills.
  • Basic ice axe and crampons skills if needed.
  • From May to October.
  • It’s posible to do the traverse in winter season. Way more hard.

Personal gear

  • Waterproof mountain boots. Comfortable and with good sole.
  • Comfortable socks and spare ones.
  • Gaiters if necessary.
  • Backpack of about 40L.
  • Foam or inflatable sleeping mat.
  • Sleeping bag of approximately 0ºC comfort.
  • Clothing suitable for high mountain summer activity:
  • Trekking pants  (warm thighs for the bivouac, waterproof pants in case of threat of storms).
  • Thermal shirt (1 short and one long sleeve)
  • Primaloft or down jacket
  • Gore-Tex type waterproof jacket
  • Hat, Buff, and gloves, preferably with leather palms.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and cap.
  • Water bottle. Minimum 1.5 litres per person.
  • Headlamp.
  • Basic toiletry bag (toothbrush, toilet paper …)
  • Cutlery and bivouac cup.
  • Emergency thermal blanket.

Technical Gear:

  • Ice axe and crampons if necessary.
  • Mountaineering helmet.
  • Climbing harness.
  • PAS with safety carabiner.In winter this list would have some changes.






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