PYRENEES: 3000’s and “Almost 3000’s” Peaks

Aneto, Posets, Monte Perdido, Vignemal, Balaitous…, are some of the best known of the 212 peaks over 3.000 meters in the Pyrenees. If we add to these the endless “almost 3000” peaks, we realise that there are mountains for a lifetime. In Mountain Guide Spain we are great lovers and connoisseurs of the Pyrenees, spending half of the year on its slopes.

With us, you can climb the mountain you want. We will help you choose the ascent that better suits your abilities and your way of enjoying the mountains. We can guide you on your first 3000 or we can help you climb those more difficult or inaccessible if you are completing your list of all three thousand. We can also accompany you to those lesser known peaks of “almost 3000” that can be even more adventurous than their bigger brothers.

In addition to the activity, we will take you on a tour full of knowledge about geology, botany and the landscape of the high Pyrenean mountains. We can also offer you truly unique experiences, such as doing them in two days with bivouac. Or we can even do a bivouac on some summit.

Call us! Speaking directly with a mountain guide you will solve all questions.

Easy three thousand and “Almost three thousand” peaks in a day:

  • 1 person: 250 €
  • 2 persons: 137€
  • 3 persons: 99€
  • 4 to 6 persons: 82€

Medium three thousand and “Almost three thousand” peaks in a day:

  • 1 person: 320€
  • 2 persons: 175€
  • 3 persons: 128€
  • 4 persons: 105€

Difficult three thousand and “Almost three thousand” peaks in a day:

  • 1 person: 380€
  • 2 persons: 205€

For 2 days ascents with a night in refuge, € 100 will be added to share among the group, in addition to the guide’s half board fees.

For 2 days ascents with bivouac, € 180 will be added to share among the group.

If you decide to do two ascents on consecutive days with us, we will give you a 10% discount on the final price.

  • English speaking AEGM Certified Mountain Guide.
  • Guiding fee.
  • Liability and accidents insurance.
  • All climbing gear needed.
  • Crampons, Ice axe, harness and helmet if needed.
  • Advice before the activity directly with the guide.
  • Transport to the area and possible combinations of vehicles or transfers.
  • Accommodation if needed.
  • Meals and drinks.
  • Guide’s expenses if needed.
  • Anything not listed in the “Includes” section.
  • From 2 to 6 participants per guide, depending of difficulty and mountain conditions.


  • Most ascents can be done in a day.
  • Some Peaks need one day for the approach to the bivouac or refuge and another day for the ascent and return.
  • Depending of chosen peak, physical condition and preferences, we can do the ascent in two days, using the services of a mountain refuge or bivouac.
  • From May to October, although can be done any time of the year depending of snow conditions.
  • Difficulty varies from easy hikes on high mountain terrain, to grade IV+ climbs like Torres de Costerillou or Salenques.
  • Talk to us and tell us about your experience and expectations. We’ll help you planing your activity attending to your tastes and needs.


  • Pico Aragüells (3048 m.)
  • Pico Mulleres (3010 m.)
  • Garmo Negro (3064 m.)
  • Pico Cotiella (2912 m.)
  • Pico de Paderna (2627 m.)


  • Pico Aneto (3404 m.)
  • Pico Llardana o Posets (3375 m.)
  • Pico Perdiguero (3222 m.)
  • Pico Maladeta (3305 m.)
  • Pico de Alba (3112 m.)
  • Gran Bachimala (3177 m.)
  • Monte Perdido (3355 m.)
  • Infierno Central (3082 m.)
  • Gran Facha (3005 m.)
  • Pico Neouvielle (3177 mts)
  • Pico Arriel (2821 m.)


  • Grand Vignemale (3299 m.) 2 Days.
  • Balaitous (3144 mts.)
  • Pic du Midi d’Ossau (2884 m.)
  • Pic du Palas (2969 m.)

*This is not a rigorous classification. Depending of the chosen route, mountain conditions and group capabilities, the ratios may vary slightly. This decision will be made by the guide always based on safety criteria.

For the easiest:

  • Good physical condition.
  • Been able to do up to eight hours of mountain activity.

For the hardest:

  • Excellent physical condition.
  • Previous experience rock climbing and basic rope management.
  • Correct use of Ice axe and crampons.

For all of them:

  • Positive attitude and willingness to listen to  the guide’s instructions.

Individual gear:

  • Mountaineering boots. For easy peaks, light trekking boots.
  • Gaiters at the beginning of the season.
  • Mountain backpack of 30/ 40 litres approx.
  • Mountain socks.
  • Trekking pants.
  • Thermal shirts (short and long sleeve)
  • Fleece jacket. Primaloft or similar.
  • Gore-Tex type waterproof jacket.
  • 1.5 litre or 2 x 1 litre bottle.
  • Sunglasses, beanie, cap and sunscreen.
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • Headlamp.
  • Thermal blanket.
  • Sleeping linen if we are going to spend the night in refuge.
  • Energy snacks for the day.
  • Toilet paper and bag to transport it back to the valley.

For most difficult peaks or with the presence of snow, the following material may be necessary (we can provide it to you)

  • Crampons.
  • Ice axe.
  • Climbing harness.
  • Helmet.
  • Abseiling gear.
  • Approved PAS.

For activities with overnight in bivouac:

  • Light but warm sleeping bag.
  • Inflatable or foam sleeping mat.
  • Bivouac cover.
  • Stove for cooking (to share)
  • Cup and cutlery.
  • Food.
  • Spare t-shirt and socks (leggings may also be helpful)
  • An extra jacket or vest for the night.


VARIABLE: depends of peak


VARIABLE: depends of peaks


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