PYRENEES: Balaitous + Palas + Midi d’Ossau, climbing.

Austere atmosphere, high-quality climbs in solitude and sublime landscapes guaranteed during this special 5-day Pyrenean adventure.

Balaitous, Palas, and especially Midí d’Ossau, are recurring mountains in the Pyrenean poetry of the essential book “The 100 best ascents of the Pyrenees” by Patrice de Bellefon , as well as in many other publications from the end of the XIX century to the XXI.

To walk and climb this mountains is to make an unforgettable journey to the original pioneers, that human adventure born under the protection of the first mountaineering goals, conceived under the shade of Mont Blanc.

We will ascend to each of these mythical Pyrenean peaks by climbing routes of medium difficulty (IIIº and IVº), all of them work of great explorers of the Pyrenees, and we will descend them by their normal routes in an itinerant trip in which we will pass the nights in 4 different mountain huts.

The first time we carried out this activity, we had been in the Pyrenees for many years, but the feeling was if we had been pioneers for a few days …

  • 1 Participante: 1350 €
  • 2 Participantes: 750 €
  • Guiding fees.
  • Advice prior the activity directly with the guide.
  • Booking and logistics of huts and transportation (Not included in final price)
  • Liability insurance.
  • Climbing gear needed for the activity.
  • Accidents insurance (Mandatory)
  • Transport to /from departing point. We can help you to arrange it. Ask us.
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Guides accommodation and meals.
  • Personal climbing gear.
  • Anything not listed in the “includes” section.
  • Máximo 2 personas por guía.


MEDIUM-HIGH (Scrambles and easy rock climbs)


VERY GOOD: Long journeys and big ascents


  • Day 1: Travel to Sallent de Gállego and approach to the Respomuso refuge (2,200 meters). It will be a 3-hour walk trough forests and mountain lakes.
  • Day 2: Ascent to Balaitous (3,144 meters) by the Augerot-Ollivier route (AD+). We will start walking through a valley with a marked glacial character until we reach the small Latour glacier. After crossing the rimaya we will start a beautiful and at the same time easy climb that will not cease to amaze us with its elegant line and alpine atmosphere. While the rest of mountaineers queue on the normal route, we will enjoy a solitude more similar to that experienced by the guides who opened this route back in 1944. The last pitch will leave us very close to the top. The descent goes through the well-known Diagonal, an aerial rocky edge that not without difficulties ends near the historic Michaud shelter. Here we will abandon the path of the Arriel ibones and head towards the Larribet refuge (2060 meters), where we will spend the night. About 12 hours of hard activity.
  • Day 3: Ascent to Pico Palas (2974 mts.) By the South-East ridge (AD +). We will start walking between lakes to the Port de Lavedan where the sharp and aerial ridge will begin. 400 meters of climbing will lead us to the top of this perfect pyramid that is the Pico Palas. We will have to overcome several grade IV climbs. The descent will be made by the Geodestas ridge or the Ledormeur Chimney, both routes marked by the history of the pioneers who ascended them for the first time. We will spend the night in the Arremoulir Refuge (2270 mts.). This day will involve just over 10 hours of high mountain activity.
  • Day 4: Walk to the Pombie refuge (2032 mts.). Today will have an “active rest” day in which we will only have to descend to the Caillou de Soques hut and then ascend along a good path to the Pombie refuge, located at the foot of the formidable south wall of Midí d’Ossau. In total, the walk will take about 6 hours, which will allow us to rest our legs for the last day of activity.
  • Day 5: Ascent to Midi d’Ossau (2884 mts.). By doing the well-known Dos Puntas Traverse. It starts with the long and aesthetic ridge of Peyreget (AD+), which with a friendly and aerial route will leave us after 4 hours of climbing on the summit of Petit Pic. A vertical rappel of 40 meters will drop us at the Col de La Fourche, where we will change to the other face of the mountain. Here, the immense northern spurs of Petit Pic and Punta Francia will make us feel the atmosphere of the great Alpine classics, without having the same commitment, since our route ascends through simple slabs and dihedrals that never exceed IIIº. The views from the top are sublime. The descent will be done through the normal route, a long descent cut by three chimneys that will force us to pay attention. Tonight we will spend it in the valley, where we can enjoy a well-deserved shower and a succulent dinner. In total there will be 12 hours of high mountain activity.
  • Day 6: Back home.
  • Balaitous: Augerot-Ollivier, 300 mts, AD+ (max IV)
  • Palas: South-East Ridge, 400 mts, AD+(max IV)
  • Midí d’Ossau: Peyreget ridge up Petit Pic, AD+ (max III+) + Fourche Route to Grand Pic (AD+)

All three mountains also have easier ascent routes that can be useful in case of doubtful weather or afternoon storms. The choice of one or another route will be only decided for the guide, who will choose with the safety and enjoyment of the group in mind.

  • Documentación necesaria para viajar.
  • Condición física suficiente para resistir jornadas de hasta 10-12 horas de actividad durante varios días.
  • Capacidad suficiente para superar desniveles de hasta 1500 metros por jornada y
    destreza para transitar por terreno de alta montaña.
  • Conocimientos básicos de escalada y manejo de cuerda.
  • Experiencia en el uso de piolet y crampones.
  • Respeto a las indicaciones del guía, motivadas siempre por exigencias de seguridad y
    sujetas a las diferentes situaciones que pudieran presentarse.
  • Mid June to early October.


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