PYRENEES: Supertrek Posets + Perdiguero + Aneto

This is, without a doubt, one of the most ambitious, beautiful and alpine week-long treks that can be carried out in the entire Pyrenean mountain range.

Ambitious for the distance and the accumulated ascent meters, as well as for the terrain (small trails, rocky slopes, edges, snowfields, glaciers and peaks over 3000 meters)

Beautiful because the route is a complete open book of geology, botanic and landscape of the European high mountain terrain. Down in the valley we will find the calm beauty of the traditional livestock landscape.

At medium height, the beech and fir forests, which will be followed by the black pine trees at high altitudes. Well above, where almost everything is already blue sky, we will travel through moraines, mountain lakes and the largest glacier in the mountain range, which still holds, on the north face of Pico Aneto.

With alpine feeling because of the ascent of the two highest peaks of the mountain range, Aneto (3404 mts.) And Posets (3375 mts.), Perdiguero or Gias can also be climb during this route.

As passing through high mountain terrain the use of crampons, ice axe and punctually the rope, are mandatory. The guide-client ratio must be reduced to 1–4, which will allow on the one hand to move with agility, and on the other, very personalised attention to each client.

  • 2 personas: 695€
  • 3 personas: 510€
  • 4 personas: 420€
  • Técnico en Alta Montaña AEGM.
  • Asesoramiento previo a la actividad.
  • Gestión de reservas de refugios y transportes.
  • Seguro RC y accidentes.
  • Material técnico común.
  • Crampones y piolets para los participantes.
  • Transporte hasta la zona.
  • Autobuses del Parque Natural.
  • Desplazamiento hasta punto de origen en caso de escape por otra ruta.
  • Alojamiento y comidas del grupo y del guía durante todo el viaje.
  • Material personal de montaña.
  • Máximo 4 personas por guía.


MEDIUM (rocky paths and scrambles)


VERY GOOD: Long journeys and big ascents


  • Day 1: Meeting with the guide in the afternoon in Benasque. Gear check and dinner.
  • Day 2: Benasque – Estós Valley – Ibones de Batisielles – Col de la Pllana (2702 mts.) – Algel Orus refuge. Approximate time 7 hours.
  • Day 3: Angel Orus Refuge (2215 mts.) – Posets Peak (3375 mts.) – Collado de Grist (2964 mts.) – Biadós Refuge (1760 mts.). Approximate time 10 hours.
  • Day 4: Biadós Refuge (1760 mts.) – Chistau Port (2577 mts.) – Estós Refuge (1895 mts.). Approximate time 6 hours. Possible ascent to Pico Chistau (2794 meters, + 2 hours)
  • Day 5: Estós Refuge (1895 mts.) – Oô Port (2877 mts.) – Portillon Refuge (2555 mts.). Approximate time 8 hours. Possible ascent to Pico Audubert (3055 meters + 1 hour)
  • Day 6: Refugio du Portillon 2555 mts.) – Collado superior de Literola (3032 mts.) – Pico Perdiguero (3221 mts.) – Portal de Remuñe (2817 mts.) – Remuñe valley – Hospital de Benasque (1754 mts.) – Refuge of la Renclusa (2140 mts.). Approximate time 11 hours.
  • Day 7: Refuge of La Renclusa (2140 meters) – Pico de Aneto (3404 meters) – Ibones de Coronas (2720 meters) – Corones hut (1950 meters). Estimated time 9 hours. Dinner in Benasque.
  • Documents necessary to travel.
  • Appropriate mountain equipment  for the season and the terrain.
  • Physical condition to walk of up to 10 hours for several days.
  • Capacity to do ascents of up to 1500 meters per day.
  • Skills to move in high and rocky mountain terrain.
  • Respect guide’s indications, always motivated by group’s security.
  • Early June to early October.


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