If you and your regular mountain colleagues already have enough experience and a good level of knowledge but want to continue learning, none of the “normal” courses may suit your needs.

Perhaps you are planing a more committed climb or activity, you are going to the Alps for the first time, or you want to try that ridge that motivates you so much … But you know that to face that challenge with security and success, you need to improve your skills.

Maybe you want an exclusive activity for you and your family, or you have a disability, or just want a “therapeutic” way out to overcome that fear that limits you …

What’s this about?

Think about it,
maybe a tailor made course will be your best choice.

Tell us about your previous experiences, your knowledge and your projects.
let us study your needs,

And we will offer you a specially made training program witch will get you closer to your dreams.
The rest it’s up to you…

Contact us and make your dreams come true.


Our Customers Experiences:

High Level Restart

I have spent half my life practising mountain sports at a medium-high level, but I was aware of the risky situations that I sometimes experienced for not having received a good and profesional training. I contact Mountain Guides Spain to tell them about my needs and ask them for something very complicated: A personalised course adapted to my expectations with loads of transversal content that encompassed everything in which I did not feel solvent: Placing trad gear, belay management, mixed climbing, glacier self-rescue …
I thought it was asking too much. However, Dani had sufficient sensitivity and intelligence to understand these requirements, and to design a Tailor Made Course that met all of our expectations. He not only knew how to manage our difference skills level, but also take advantage of it, so we both learned something new from each other.

Common Goals

We did a  winter mountaineering course in Gredos last year and it was great. We were 4 friends with different experiences and technical level, but common goals. This background, far from hindering the course, made it much more interesting and productive, fitting perfectly to our needs. Not too short, not excessive.

In fact, I would do it again, given the experience and good work of the guides, who knew how to adapt at all times to our needs and peculiarities as a group.

Getting ready for the Alps

Our summer plan was Pyrenees first and then Alps. In our minds were some of the most classic ridges within those of moderate difficulty and compromise. We were aware that our maximum limitation could be the loss of time for rope management and some logistic decisions. We also had doubts about how to be efficient being a party of three on a ridge.

All this we told to Mountain Guides Spain and they, a couple of days later, proposed a tailored course, we took the course and a new world of possibilities in this kind of activity opened for us.

Of fathers and sons:

I haven’t worn a harness or crampons for 20 years and my 18 year old son has been going to a climbing wall and sport climbing for 2 years. This summer I wanted to go back to Pyrenees to do some of the classic ridges that I once did with my friends, this time I wanted to do it with him. But I knew I needed skills upgrade and some trad climbing knowledge.

We told Mountain Guides Spain of our situation and they organised for us a tailor made course in which they taught us how to climb together in that terrain.

Apart of been great fun, we now feel ready for our next trip to Pyrenees.