Walks with history

Among all the mythical correspondents who covered the Spanish Civil War, Ernest Hemingway is undoubtedly the best known of all. In 1937, he moved through our mountains to cover the Republican offensive over Segovia. After the conflict, he wrote a novel about those events, mixing reality and fiction and recovering for literature some of the most emblematic places in Guadarrama.

The purpose of this route is to follow in the footsteps of the protagonist of the novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, Robert Jordan, a member of the International Brigades, who, aided by a group of anarchist guerrillas, has the mission of blowing up a bridge in the Valsaín valley.

The novel moves around this event as it shows us a more or less recognisable landscape that we now intend to explore with the great American writer.

  • 1 persona: 150€
  • 2 personas: 75€
  • 3 personas: 50€
  • 4 personas: 40€
  • 5 a 12 personas: 35€
  • Guía de Media Montaña titulado.
  • Seguro RC y accidentes.
  • Material técnico común.
  • Asesoramiento previo a la actividad.
  • Transporte.
  • Comidas.
  • Alojamiento.
  • Material personal.
  • Cualquier otra cosa no especificada en el apartado de “Incluye”.
  • Máximo 12 personas por guía.


  • 6/ 7 hours hike approximately.
  • Clothes and footwear according to the time of the year the route is held.
  • Physical condition for been able to walk up to 7 hours.
  • Capacity to overcome unevenness of up to 1000 meters per day and skill to walk on rocky mountain trails.
  • Respect for the guide’s instructions, always motivated by security requirements and to solve different situations that may arise.
  • Mountain backpack of approximately 20L.
  • Mountain footwear, preferably boots.
  • Mountain clothing suitable for the time of year. Theory of the three layers.
  • Goretex-type waterproof membrane jacket.
  • Snack type food and 1.5 L of water per participant.
  • Recommended walking sticks.
  • Gloves, hat and sunglasses.
  • Cap or hat for the Sun.
  • Recommended photo camera.
  • Personal medication if needed.
  • Spare Clothes to leave in the car.






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