Winter Mountaineering in Madrid

In this Winter Mountaineering Course we intend to give you the technical and logistical knowledge necessary to plan and tackle with safety and autonomy classic ascents in winter conditions in which the correct use of ice axe and crampons will be necessary, as well as the punctual use of  rope to protect some sections or descend. We will also teach you how to make correct interpretation of the environment and it’s objective and subjective risks.

Years of experience teaching mountain techniques have given us a multitude of pedagogical resources that will help you to progress and keep learning this beautiful sport.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Guadarrama National Park will allow us to choose, at all times, the perfect locations for conducting practical workshops. With us, in addition to learning mountaineering, you will spend a magnificent day on the mountains.

Do not hesitate to call us. You will be able to speak with the same guides that will teach your course.

  • 1 person: 375€
  • 2 persons: 220€
  • 3 persons: 160€
  • 4 to 6 persons: 135€
  • Guiding fees.
  • English speaking AEGM certified Mountain Guide.
  • Liability and accidents insurance.
  • All gear needed for the activity.
  • Advice before the course directly with the guide.
  • Transportation. We can help you to arrange transport to/from Madrid.
  • Accommodation if needed.
  • Meals or drinks.
  • Personal mountain gear.
  • Anything not listed in the “Includes” section.
  • Maximum 6 participants per guide.


  • Items to take into account during planning and logistics of a winter climb.
  • Basic snow conditions understanding.
  • Basic navigation techniques.
  • Clothing and equipment for winter mountaineering.
  • The bivouac: Tips for spending the night out during winter and not suffering more than expected.
  • Use of crampons. Progression techniques on different inclinations.
  • Use of Ice axe.
  • Self-arrest techniques on icy slopes.
  • Route selection for ascent and descent, taking into account factors such as avalanche risk or exposure to falling
  • The rope, a double-edged sword, especially on frozen ground. What use is a rope if we are not anchored to the wall? Importance of choosing whether or not to tie up.
  • Basic climbing knots: Figure of eight, clove hitch and munter hitch.
  • Snow anchors: Types according to the consistency of the snow and available gear. Importance of dynamic belaying.
  • Use of rope to protect short climbing sections or exposed steps.
  • How to get off. Abseiling.
  • Introduction to rock anchors and basic rock climbing techniques.
  • Progression and self-rescue on glaciers.

A perfect complement for progressing in the use of rope and basic climbing techniques is the “Ridges and Scrambling Course”

  • Two days of around 8 hours.
  • Depending on meteorology, mountain conditions and students progression, we can shorten one day and lengthen the other, always to improve the quality of the course.
  • Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid.
  • The exact location as well as the time of the meeting will be decided the days prior to the date of the course, in order to enjoy the locations that have the best conditions for the course.
  • Good physical condition.
  • Been able to do activities up to 8 hours.
  • Clothes and equipment for winter conditions.
  • Eager to learn.

Personal Gear:

  • Mountain waterproof semi-rigid boots. This item it’s mandatory. When in doubt, send us a photo of your boots.
  • Warm socks.
  • Gaiters.
  • Backpack of  30/40 litres.
  • Clothing suitable for winter conditions.
  • Beanie, Buff, and two pairs of gloves, at least one pair waterproof.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Googles.
  • Water bottle or thermos flask.
  • Food for the day (sandwich, nuts, bars, fruit, etc.).
  • Headlamp.
  • Thermal blanket.

Technical Gear:

  • Touring ice axe (available for rent)
  • Correctly regulated crampons with antiboot (available for rent)
  • Mountaineering helmet.
  • Climbing harness.
  • PAS with locking carabiner
  • 3 x locking carabiners (2 of them HMS type)
  • 1 x Reverso style, belay device.
  • 1 x 120 cm sling.
  • 1 x 6 mm 130 cm cord.
  • 1 x 7 mm and 5 meters long cord.

If you don’t have some of the technical gear, we provide it for free (except crampons and ice axe, which we have for rent at €6/day each)






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